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Strict Quality Control


Quality issue is the most important issue especially for the manufacturing industry in China, a tiny fault might cause a vital mistake for the whole plan, Genesis has its own quality control system to avoid that mistake, Genesis has developted a well-controlled supply-chain management system that ensures every single parts and accessories are from monitored sources, every assembling and testing process has a strict quality control guidance, every equipment that from Genesis has a well-planed measurement standard and quality control procedue, every project has a comprehensive line inspection and live testing before the equipment being shipped away.


For the bottling application, Genesis has developed its own contract-order system to make sure that each type of the raw material being recorded and listed and kept on file for future maintainence, and genesis collect each type of the raw material for different type of machinery for each of our clients, each of the clients information will be kept on filing for detailed after-sales service so that Genesis can solve the problem for the first time without have any communicating delay. Every equipment from genesis will be have a minimum 2 years quality guarantee since the time that the equipment being put into production for free spare parts exchange.


Quality Guarantee from Genesis:

  • Precisely machined mechanical parts from original channel
  • Minimum  dead-end mechanical designing and processing
  • Trustworthy world brand electrical components
  • Surficient spare parts package
  • Documentary order tracking system
  • Timely troubleshooting assistance