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Rich Experience


Genesis has been focusing on the water treatment plant and especially dedictaing in the drinking water treatment and bottling industry over 10 years, and has become a industry-leading turnkey project supplier for complete line of the bottling project from 2002 supplying the turnkey bottling plant worldwide, Genesis has accumulated rich experience in multinational water treatment and bottling solutions, which enhance its leading role in the water treatment and bottling industry in China to make improvement on the manufacturing and monitoring process to make its equipment outstanding to reach a higher level of quality. After years of development and hard work, Genesis has a rich customer group and has rich field experience for abroad installation, Genesis has become a complete source for worldwide bottling plant supplier.


An integrated bottling plant requires comprehensive knowledge covering multiple industry fo the water treatment, bottling, raw material match-making and line eingineering, Genesis has rich complete line engineering experience in conveyor automation, our typical  air conveyor solution has been competing with worldwide leaders of Krones and Sidel to the top bottling project to Pepsi and Cocacola company, our table-top product conveyor and buffering conveyor and automatic control solution has been made great improvement to ensure that the high level of stability of running your bottled product for a continous production, we make sure every production line will be operated at your utmost convenience, and every line of the engineering will be ailored to your needs.


We are experienced in:

  • Turnkey bottling plant consulting
  • Tailored water treatment solution
  • Tailored PET bottle production
  • Raw material and equipment selection
  • Workshop designning and engineering
  • Conveyor automation