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Comprehensive Service


Genesis focuses on each turnkey bottling project in fully competence of the lin engineering and raw material match-making, detailed pre-sales service will give you fully reliable source and knowledge and industry background of the bottling industry and the budget control, also will suggest you the right material to be used for your bottling and packaging need, we make sure that every project that uses the right equipment and right material that suitable for your budget with diversified solutions to cut down the initial investment cost well at the same time, provides you the most feasible bottling solution.


Genesis contract-manuacturing service will be including the equipment and raw material filing service, the equipment installation and commissioning service, the filing recording service will make your project being trackable to check the manufacturing status and for future maintainence, the installation and equipment commissioning service will start from the installation contract with detailed service programme, detailed requirement and pre-installation training document with dedicated editing will be sent to your hand for a comprehensive understanding of your emploees, we make sure that each of the installation programme being done without having any time delay.


With comprehensive service package from Genesis, we guarantee that you have the compact portfolio for:

  • Equipment selection and match making
  • Raw material selection
  • Line engineering and automation
  • Factory inspection
  • Installation and equipment commissioning
  • After-sales tracking system
  • Value-added production management package for the bottling industry