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Water Treatment Plant


Water treatment is a very sensitive issue which should have no unique filtration process for all type of the water in the world, water from surface well water and from deep borehole well water, and from different area of the world may have a totally difference in salt content and mineral element, thus each set of the water filtrtaion plant would have a specific water report analysis to work out a unique filtration proposal for the flow rate requirement against its salt content in it, Genesis provides tailored water treatment solution for drinking water treatment and industrial ultrapure water treatment solution as the following


  • Municipal tap water treatment for drinking water and bottled water
  • Surface well water and borehole underground water treatment for bottled water
  • Salty brackish water desalination water purification for drinking water or bottled water
  • Double-stage Reverse Osmosis purified water for medical use
  • Water softening and water conditioning for hard water
  • Pre-treatment filtration system for chlorine removal and iron removal
  • Inline chemical dosing injecting for membrane anti-scaling, flocuulant, chlorine removal, PH adjustment
  • EDI ultrapure water treatment for electronics plating factory
  • Ozone treatment for post bottled water sterilization
  • Inline ultravoilet lamp sterilizer system


Genesis provides professional water analysis tools with experienced mechanical designning engineer to sole your water treatment need against your own water conditon, we make sure that the designed water purification system being running in a easy-operating with high stability concerning every element of the water report, the temperature, the flow rate, the seasoning change, the maintenance and spare parts change, the cleaning system.


Genesis guarantee that every sets of the water treatment plant being made according to FDA drinking water equipment standard to meet the regulation, and we guarantee that the treated water getting through your local testing authority in a quick and simple way to get your bottled water certified and on sale in your local market.