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5 Gallon Water Bottling Line (18.9L)


5 gallon water bottling line is typically designed for 5 gallon (or 3 gallon) polycarbonated bottle for producing bottled water, especially for bottled water dispenser or water coolers, 5 gallon PC (polycarbonate) bottle is phsically strong and reusable by multiple washing and cleaning process, the automatic gallon-bottle washing/filling/capping system make it happen for refill the bottle with purified water, complete line of the 5 gallon production process for the fully automatic concern which utmostly improves the speed of the production line includes the following part:


  • Automatic bottle caps puller from 1 pulling head to 2 pulling head
  • Automatic bottle external brush washer for pre-wash from 2 washing station to 4 washing station
  • Automatic empty bottle loader from 2 wide to 8 wide
  • Automatic bottle inner washer from 11 washing cleaning station to 16 station
  • Automatic water filling capping machine from 2 filling nozzles to 16 filling nozzles
  • Inline caps dosing and cleaning system
  • Inline caps sleeve label shrink sealer
  • Inline bottled water pulling system for external bags packaging
  • 5 gallon bottled water palletizing system


The popular production rate for the complete sets are avaliable with 300BPH for the starters, 450BPH, 500BPH, 600BPH, 900BPH, 1200BPH, 1600BPH, 1800BPH, with different layout and processing, tailored inner bottle washing cleaning process will be made according to different ambient environment in different part of the world.


Genesis is always innovating its 5 gallon bottled water production line to update with the world's leading bottling technology by improving the details in mechanical design and filed application, Genesis always brings the customer the user-friendly operating line that saves your man-power and improve your productivity.