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Bottle spraying tunnel

The automatic spraying washing cooling tunnel is designed for multiple purpose of usage for the bottled beverage for bottled CSD drink to recover the temperature from a lower degree to a higher degree, and for bottled hot-fill juice to decrease the temperature to the room temperature for the secondary labeling and packaging purpose. it's the ideal secondary sterilizing and cooling equipment to prolong the shelf-life of the bottled drink.


Optional workflow of the hot-water spraying washing, sterilizing, and cooling function could be adjusted according to specific requirement for different type of beverage application, the heat strerilizing and cooling function has been widely applied to the bottled beverage indusrty for carbonated soft drink and for hot-fill juice botlting. With improved technology of the heat distribution inside of the tunnel, the washing speed and and sterilizing quality has been improved greatly for the juice applictaion.


A three-stages hot-water spraying washing, warm-water spraying washing, and cooling water spraying washing process is designed for the hot-fill juice bottling production line, which is widely used in the juice bottling industry with high working efficiency.

  • Fully stainless steel AISI304 construction
  • Multi-stages of hot-water strerilization, warm-water spraying washing, cooling-water washing and drying process
  • Optional work-flow for multiple purpose of heating, cooling, temperature reserving.
  • Heavy-duty water pump with ready-to-use pipe and fittings
  • Well-connected bottle-inlt and output conveyor automation
  • Automatic PLC controlled spraying washing timing
  • Flexible production rate to be synchronized with bottling production line.
  • Model:
  • Production rate:
    10000bph against 0.5L PET bottle
  • Material input temperature:
    80 degree
  • Sterilizing heating temperature:
    90 degree
  • Material output temperature:
    20 degree
  • Cooling water temperature:
    5 degree
  • Conveyor height:
  • Dimension:
    12000 x 2000 x 1700mm