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6 cavities hot-fill bottle blower


The linear high speed bottle stretch blow molding machine is designed for 6 cavities mold system with servo motor controlled perform transporting chain and double mold-lock with pressure compensation system for a higher speed bottle blowing system with a stable output of 4000-4500pcs/hr for heat-resistant PET bottle output with 3 stages pre-blow, pressure holding and temperature control, main stretch blow molding process for hot-fill juice bottle.


The system is with a rectangular shape of the linear design, where 4 preform heating stations are aligned along the rectangular line; with a side-located bottle molding system, and a fully automatic perform feeding and discharging station. The linear bottle blower system uses a bottom-to-top blowing process that requires all the heated perform from the perform seats being heated and transported by a reverse way of bottom-up status. Which is technically good for the mouth protection and cooling and energy saving.


The servo motor system controlled perform transporting features make the transporting chain quicker and accurate for the molding positioning, specially chosen Norgen blowing valve makes the blowing process with large volume of air and pressure and make the blowing process quick enough to reach an average blowing speed of 1500pcs/cavity.

  • Double pneumatic compensation type mold clamping and locking system generates smooth partition lining on the bottle
  • Refined perform heating ovens with hot air circulating system for energy saving
  • Servo motor controlled transporting and positioning with better speed performance
  • Linear design with easy operating and maintenance
  • 6 cavities shell mold system with average output of 900pcs/hr for heat-resistant bottle
  • 3 stages bottle pre-blow, temperature control and pressure holding, main stretch blow for hot-fill juice bottle
  • Low noise when blowing bottles, good for environmental protection
  • Bottle production rate:
    Basic model:4500pcs/hr for 0.5L
    Enlarged model:4000pcs/hr for 1.5L
  • Application bottle size:
  • HP air pressure requirement:
  • LP air pressure requiremnt:
  • Power consumption:
    (Loading power 50.5-67Kw)
  • Electrical supply:
    AC380V 50Hz 3ph
  • Clamping stroke:
  • Bottom mold stroke:
  • Bottle intervals:
  • Standard mold thickness:
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