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Juice (Hot-fill) Bottling Line (0.3-1.5L)


Hot-fill technology is mature for the juice filling process as per the FDA food and beverage hygenic requirement, Juice format could be either from powder bending for basic flavor ingredients dosing, or the juice concentrate from cold reserving, and hereby the juice is basically refered to the juice concentrate format, juice concentrate will be blended with water and other food addictives and go through the instant heat-pasteurization and homoginizing process before the filling, heat-resistant PET bottle or PP bottle is particularly required during the filling process, and after the filling, a secondary heat sterilizing conveyor system and the temperature cooling recovery system will be added to the production line before the bottled drink goes to the labeling, date printing and other packaging means, main machinery involved in the juice production line (except for the basic machinery) as following:


  • Juice blending tanks
  • UHT instant pasteurization system
  • Juice homoginizing machinery
  • Cold-heat double balancing reserve tank for temperature keeping
  • Hot-fill juice bottle washing/filling/capping machinery
  • Heat-resistant PET bottle stretch blow molding machinery
  • Heat-sterilizing conveyor and temperature recoverying tunnel


A turnkey solution of the juice production line will not only cover the equipment requirement, but also the raw material selection for the caps, hest-resistant preform, labels, packaging PE film etc, but also will concern the workshop logistics of the juice concentrate reserving room, and the label storage requirement.


Genesis has strong technical back-up for the juice production line, and live experience of the running juice factory which will give you more confidence cooperating us no matter for the equipment investment, but also from the juice processing and treatment need, Genesis will give improve the percentage of your future juice bottling line with optimized turnkey proposal and with sheer one-to-one customer service for effective communicating.