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CSD (Carbonated Soft Drink) Drink Bottling Line (0.3-1.5L)


Except for the water treatment and bottling and packaging machinery from the turnkey water bottling project, the CSD (carbonated soft drink) bottling line involves sugar processing and blending, syrup filtering and chilling, and the carbonating process before the filling, the filling system for the CSD drink is adopting balanced pressure filling at low temperature at 5 degree, thus the bottled drink temperature recovering tunnel will be needed with hot water spraying washing the outside of the bottled drink and drying, as per the sugary content for the filling machinery and the drink processing tanks, a standby Clean-in-place C.I.P. system is require for the machinery cleaning to keep the filling machiney hygenic. Main machinery involved with the CSD filling line:


  • Sugar melting, filtering, and blending from 3000kgs to 10,000kgs
  • Automatic syrup chiller system from 300L to 500L
  • Industrial water chiller system from 1M3/hr to 15M3/hr
  • Caronated drink mixing machine from 1000L/hr to 16,000L/hr
  • Horizontal type C.I.P system and vertical C.I.P system
  • Automatic bottled drink temperature recovery hot-water spraying and cooling tunnel


The water treatment, PET bottle stretch blowing, bottle unscrambling and air conveyor solution, automatic washing/filling/capping, labeling solution, date printing, the secondary packaging conveyor automation, will be tailored to your bottle size and the filling rate requirement same in the turnkey water bottling project.


Genesis will offer you sheer CSD drink equipment designing layout, and provide you with detailed operating and maintenance guide for each of the machinery, and with detailed production management manual to supervise your CSD bottling project, we guarantee that any of the bottling project you bought from us will brings you fortune.