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Single pass RO system

Single Pass Reverse Osmosis system composes of the pre-treatment system, the RO unit, the C.I.P. station, and the post treatment for bottled water system or other application, Which is more popular in the bottled water processing to produce the purified water with TDS range from 30ppm to 50ppm


The pre-treatment is normally composed of media filter system of sand and active carbon filter, by removing the large organic particles and absorbing the color, chlorine, to decrease the turbidity of the water and reduce the SDI to be below 3 to ensure the inlet water limit of the RO system. Chemical dosing and water softening will be involved due to different water condition. The RO unit features a centrifugal pressure pump and the RO modular system, a sediment filter and C.I.P. system will be equipped, product water and rejected concentrate water could be controlled, and the RO system has the automatic backwash and self cleaning features.


Single Pass RO system means that the water goes through only one RO modular system which is composes of one set of centrifugual high pressure pump and one RO membrane modular system, then the treated water will be reach to the required standard.



  • A compact filtration flow chart selection tailored to your water condition and flow rate requirement
  • Comprehensive filtration method covering all necessary filtration scope based on your water report
  • The reliability of high-quality product water with the salt rejection capability of the RO membrane element
  • Highly stable performance of product water production rate thanks to the pressure and flow rate design
  • Inline C.I.P. cleaning system offers easy maintenance
  • Compact UV and Ozone post treatment for bottled water solution
  • Fully automatic supply water and product water level control, one person can operate, saves manpower during the production process
  • Pure water output:
    300L to 50,000L/hr
  • Raw water type:
    Municipal tap water
    Underground well water
    Underground borehole water
  • Filtration pore:
    0.0001 micron
  • Salt rejection ratio:
  • TDS output:
  • Pure water recovery ratio:
  • Ambient temperature:
    2-50 centdegree
  • Inlet water TDS limit:
  • Feed water pressure:
  • Operating pressure:
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