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Compact UF/RO system

Compact UF (ultrafiltration) water plant and RO (Reverse Osmosis) water plant is our special application for the drinking water treatment equipment, which is suitable for those water factory who wants to produce different level of treated water, in the meantime, the UF water plant will be acting as the pre-treatment of the RO water system and thus to protect the RO modular in a better way with a 0.01 micron filtration standard, and make the RO water plant working in a more efficient way.


Compact UF and RO water plant is suitable for those water condition with very good quality to reach the natural spring water requirement, which will be rich in the mineral element that is good for the human consumption, and the treated water from the ultrafiltration system will be bottled on sale for natural mineral water, on the other hand, the water from the UF and the RO system will be bottled and on sale for bottled purified water to enhance the type of the water.


The complete system combines both the features of the UF system and the RO water system with comprehensive pre-treatment system before the main treatment.

  • Multiple choice of clean water from UF (ultrafiltrtaion) system and Reverse Osmosis purified water.
  • Stable treated pure water output for Reverse Osmosis water system.
  • Extended Reverse Osmosis membrane life cycle as the UF system being the part of the pre-treatment system.
  • Manual and automatic operating system easy for maintainence.
  • Automatic backwash and fluch system for RO system.
  • Automatic backwash and flush system for UF system.
  • Automatic PLC control system.
  • Clean-in-place membrane cleaning C.I.P station.
  • Treated water output:
    5000L/hr to 30,000L/hr
  • Raw water type:
    Municipal tap water
    Underground well water
    Underground borehole water
  • Filtration pore:
    0.01 micron for ultrafiltration system.
    0.0001 micron for RO system
  • Salt rejection ratio:
    UF system: none
    RO system: 99.6%
  • RO system:
    Single pass RO plant
    Two grade RO system for optional
  • RO system TDS output:
    30-50ppm for single pass
    5-10ppm for two grade
  • Inlet water TDS limit:
  • Operating temperature:
    5-50 centdegree
  • Pure water recovery:
  • Operating pressure: