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Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane is a pressure driven type membrane for the water treatment application, and the UF system combines the pre-treatment of media filter and ultrafiltration membrane system, the UF system can be operated at normal temperature between 5 to 45 cent-degree, and the membrane can be operated at a high PH range of 2-12 than other type of membrane. Genesis adopts hollow fine fiber UF membrane with a molecular weight cut-off point of 50000 Dalton in general (30000, 10000, 5000 Dalton will be optional choice for particular requirement).

UF system is widely used in the following area:
1) Pre-treatment for Reverse Osmosis or sea water desalination plant, to low down the turbidity of the feed water for the RO system.
2) Natural mineral water, spring water filtration plant by removing the bacteria, odor, but keep the health related mineral content for drinking.
3) Waste water, chemical water filtration and separation.
4) Residential water filtration for secondary tap water filtration to enhance the quality of drinking water and the taste.
5) Food and drink industry for beer, sprit production, and medical industry.

  • Manual/Auto Backwash and rinse for initial start-up for media filter for sand and active carbon filter.
  • Manual backwash system for the ultrafiltration system.
  • Hollow fiber membrane with U-PVC shell, with numerus tublines of hollow fiber filter inside the shell, and with epoxy-resin sealed cover.
  • Stable product water output with turdibity below 0.1 NTU.
  • Easy operation for flush and backwash.
  • C.I.P. cleaning station for ultrafiltration membrane, easy for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Inline water quality, flow meter indicator.
  • Particular choice for good quality surface water, mineral water, spring water treatment.
  • Product water output:
    1000L/hr to 100,000L/hr
  • Feed water:
    Municipal tap water, ground water, surface water
  • Membrane pore size:
    0.001μm - 0.02μm
  • Nominal MWCO:
    ≤10000 dalton - ultrapure water
    50000 dalton - drinking water
    ≥100000 - reclaimed water
  • Feed water pressure:
  • Operating pressure:
  • Water recovery ratio:
  • Membrane options:
  • Typical Applications:
    Drinking water purification, clarification of fruit juice, wastewater treatment, pretreatment for RO
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