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Nano filtration system is widely used and applied to the water treatment in all kinds of industry, for the drinking water treatment solution due to its high productivity feature and good partial CaCl2 and other salt rejection feature, Nano filtration is in between UF (hollow fiber membrane) and RO (Reverse Osmosis) system, with an average filtration pore of 0.01 to 0.001 micron.


NF water treatment machine has the hardness rejection and total hardness rejection features, in the meantime it can remove the heavy metal and the deadly chemicals that UF (Ultrafiltration system) can not do, compared to RO system, UF system is with big product water output in volume and with good water recovery ratio of 75%, UF system is a good choice for those area with good water source that is not highly polluted well people still wants to keep the mineral element inside the water.

  • Significantly reduces operating costs and provides optimum hardness rejections for water softening
  • applications, with average partial salt rejection ratio against CaCl2 Mg2+, Fe3+, Mn2+ of 84% ~ 96%, and keep partial of the mineral element which is good for the human health (Coca Cola is adopting Nano filtration for its water treatment in most of the countries).
  • Hg, Pb, Fl-, SO42-, NO3-, COD, Organic items, by-products of disinfection drugs (TSHS HAAS), can be effectively removed from the drinking water well keep the main mineral element.
  • Designed to provide high rejection of natural organic materials and moderate rejection of total hardness, well running below 100psi under low pressure to save electrical power consumption.
  • Color rejection, dying color could be effectively removed by the NF membrane.
  • ESNA series Nano filtration membrane available in 4 inch and 8 inch diameter configurations.

  • Treated water output:
  • Raw water type:
    Municipal tap water
    Underground well water
    Spring water
  • Filtration pore:
    0.001 micron
  • Partial salt rejection ratio:
  • Pure water recovery:
  • Ambient temperature:
    0-25 centdegree
  • Inlet TDS limit:
  • Inlet water pressure:
  • Inlet water temperature:
    5-35 cent degree
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