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Ultrapure(EDI) Water Treatment System



Electrodeionization (EDI) is considered to be the ultimate water treatment technology that employs both electrodialysis and ion exchange to ionize water molecules and separate dissolved ions (impurities) from water, which is regarded as the ideal alternative for traditional ion exchange system systems and apply in electronics, semi-conductor, pharmaceuticals, and industries where high purity water is required.


Designed and supervised by professional engineer team with over ten years of experience in the industry, our EDI ultrapure water treatment system, combining single-pass or double-pass RO system as pre-treatment and EDI unit for further desalination, adopts main parts from world famous brands and produces 16-18MΩ.cm (mega-ohm/cm) permeate water without regeneration chemicals.



  • Stable and continuous high purity product water
  • Automatic PLC control with online monitoring system and protection mechanism
  • Built-in CIP system
  • Modular compact design
  • Low operation and maintenance cost
  • No chemicals is needed for regeneration and thus, compared to traditional mixed-bed, no discharge of acid or alkali
  • IONPURE, CANPURE, ELECTROPURE, and MICRONIX EDI cells with different capacities available
  • Feed water:
    1-pass or 2-pass RO permeate
  • Product flow rate(25℃):
    0.3 – 100m3/h
  • Product Resistivity:
    10 – 18.2 MΩ.cm
  • EDI cell options:
  • Application:
    Power generation (boiler feed and NOx control), Semiconductors, Microelectronics, Pharmaceuticals, Food and beverage, General industry
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