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L-shape shrink wrapper

The PE film shrink wrap case packing machine is designed to shrink wrap the packaged bottled water or bottled drink into wrapped bondage for transporting or distribution use. The system is the compact bottle sorting and film wrapping dispensing with shrink oven to produce shrink wrapped packs from 8 to 12 packs per minute; the system is with flexible turning based on workshop layout.


The system is equipped frequency controlled speed conveyor with bottle sorting lane, the double-film loading and wrapping unit, and the shrinking oven part, the wrapping and seal unit and the conveyor system is synchronized with the PLC control system for the bottle inlet, well the shrink oven is equipped with inner air ventilation and cooling fan with adjustable temperature control to reach the best shrink effect.


The system is designed for the packaged bottled drink from 5000bph to 12000bph filling line for the start-up business. Optional choice to be add cardboard tray manually before shrinking oven. Semi-automatic (without bottle sorting conveyor) shrink wrap unit available for optional choice with lower price.

  • Special designed for bottled beverage industry.
  • Automatic bottle sorting, film loading, wrapping sealing, heat shrinking and cooling.
  • Adopting the world-class constant temperature sealing technics for the thermal seal.
  • Quick seal and cooling function ensures the fast speed of the wrapped package transportation.
  • PLC controlled wrapping process with high accuracy.
  • Imported film supplying rail for accurate film loading.
  • All conveyor system is controlled by frequency inverter for stable transportation.
  • Unique thermal heat-shrink tunnel for energy saving with quick cooling function.
  • Optional packing choice with easy adjustment work.


  • Wrapping speed:
    10-15 packages per minute
  • Packing choice:
    23x, 3x3, 3x4, 3x5, 4x4, 4x5, 4x6 package
  • Packing material:
    PE film
  • Film thickness:
  • Air consumption:
  • Working pressure:
  • Sealing time relay:
  • Cutting temperature:
    140 -160 centdegree
  • Dimension:
    6500 x 3200 x 2100mm
  • Thermal shrink tunnel dimension:
    1800 x 650 x 450mm
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