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Linear type shrink wrapper



The linear type shrink wrap machine is a combined automatic wrap around case-packing and shrink-wrapping system, the system allows a single machine in a limited space to gather bottles into a bundle of composed film and to produce shrink wrapped packs or wrap around cases at a speed of 15 to 20 cases per minute.


The system is equipped with a modular design with a bottle gathering system which has the unique press and release feature to control the stability of the bottle gathering, the top & bottom film loading is equipped with precisely machined film supply guiding rail, the durable thermal cutting and seal bar with heating time relay insure the smooth seal of the wrapped packs, the consistent temperature controlled thermal shrink wrap tunnel is equipped with inner air ventilation and cooling fans to ensure perfect shrink wrapping output.


The linear type machine is designed and manufactured with top quality components suitable for continuous use through the years with low maintenance cost, film plus tray packaging method and colorful film with logo detecting is available with mature techniques support.

  • Automatic bottle sorting conveyor.
  • "Pick and release" type bottle sorting with steel rolling guiding bar for bottle grouping.
  • Top and bottom load PE film with accurate timing for cutting and sealing
  • Adopting the world-class constant temperature sealing technics for the thermal seal.
  • Quick seal and cooling function ensures the fast speed of the wrapped package transportation.
  • PLC controlled wrapping process with high accuracy.
  • Imported film supplying rail for accurate film loading.
  • All conveyor system is controlled by frequency inverter for stable transportation.
  • Unique thermal heat-shrink tunnel for energy saving with quick cooling function.
  • Optional packing choice with easy adjustment work.
  • Wrapping speed:
    20 cases per minute
  • Packing choice:
    23x, 3x3, 3x4, 3x5, 4x4, 4x5, 4x6 package
  • Packing material:
    PE film
  • Film thickness:
  • Air consumption:
  • Sealing time relay:
  • Cutting temperature:
    180-260 centdegree
  • Power consumption:
    AC380V 50Hz 30Kw
  • Transfer belt width:
  • Overall dimension:
    13840 x 1100 x 2100mm
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