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Water Bottling and Vending Machine

The ROBW series are the ultimate water vending machine design. Like other Genesis water vending machine, the ROBW- water bottling and vending machine is equipped with RO unit, multiple filtration processes and both UV and Ozone sterilization to ensure its consistent healthy drinking water output, while it for the first time in the industry integrates bottling machine in itself.


Simply open the acrylic window and put the empty bottle in the washing position, close the door and choose the filling capacity, and then the machine will automatic implement the whole process of bottle inside rinsing, fillng, and capping. It can be deployed in community, village, school, bus/train station, etc. as water vending machine, or just use it as a compact 5gallon pure water bottling factory.


Flow Chart of Standard Automatic Water Vending Machine

  • Multiple water treatment process with RO unit to produce healthy drinking water
  • Product water fulfills China Standards of Drinking Water Quality(GB5749-2006) & Technical Specification of Pipe System for Fine Drinking Water(CJJ110-2006), and in full compliance with WHO drinking water guidelines.
  • Deluxe SS304 stainless steel waterproof cabinet, safety lock and enclosed filling room
  • The only genuine fully automatic water vending machine in the market -- auto pretreatment backwash & RO flush for ease of maintenance
  • Can be used as a complete 5gallon pure water bottling factory or deployed in public places as high-end water vending machine.
  • Optional IC charger / coin acceptor / bill acceptor / GSM remote managing system
  • Designed for 24×7 based running with parts chosen from world-famous suppliers.



  • Model:
    ROBW- series
  • Pure Water Output Capacity (25℃):
    1300GPD / 1900GPD / 3000GPD
  • Feed Water:
    municipal tap water(TDS≤1000mg/L)
  • Inlet Water Pressure:
  • Filling Capacity:
  • Power:
    1.80KW / 2.53KW / 3.63KW
  • RO Membrane:
    China Vontron / U.S. Hydranautics(optional)
  • Salt Rejection:
  • Recovery Rate:
  • Bottle size:
  • Pump:
    China CNP / Denmark Grunfos(optional)
  • Applicable Market:
    community, village, school, bus/train station, etc.
  • Ozone:
    12g/Hr (4g for bottle rinsing and 8g for filling)
  • Options:
    IC charger / coin acceptor / bill acceptor / GSM remote managing system
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