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Drinking Water Vending Machine

Especially designed for relatively crowded local market such as community, village, school, bus/train station, the Genesis ROW  automatic water vending machine series adopts Reverse Osmosis technology with multiple filtrations and digital circuit control to ensures its 24×7 stand-by  performance of producing pure water grade healthy drinking water. Now we have developed different capacities for dfferent application: filler for 2L bottle, 5gallon bottle and both.


The water vending machine can be divided into two systems: RO water treatment and vending.

The RO system is comprised of RO unit with 5~8 filtration processes, further sterilized by UV lamp and ozone to keep consistently healthy output water quality. (check out the water treatment flow chart below)  

The standard vending system includes RFID IC card tolling and ICT coin acceptance. The IC card charging system is featured its convenience and security, known as the 21th century's payment means. The advanced coin acceptor can accept most coins in the world and up to 6 kinds of coins at the same time. We also offer optional bill acceptor with change and GSM remote management system for full series of water vending machine.

Flow Chart of Standard Automatic Water Vending Machine

  • Multiple water treatment process with RO unit to produce healthy drinking water
  • Product water fulfills China Standards of Drinking Water Quality(GB5749-2006) & Technical Specification of Pipe System for Fine Drinking Water(CJJ110-2006), and in full  compliance with WHO drinking water guidelines.
  • Innovating RFID IC card charger and reliable coin acceptor
  • Reliable multi-coin acceptor for coins or tokens in most countries with up to 96% genuine coin acceptance
  • Advanced coin validating technology which greatly reduce the chance of receiving counterfeit coins
  • Bill acceptor with high security against fraudulent bills and change (in coin), optional 
  • The only genuine fully automatic water vending machine in the market -- auto pretreatment backwash & RO flush for ease of maintenance
  • The GSM remote managing system automatically alarms operator failures such as power shutoff, money/coin box full, etc., optional
  • Strong plastic-coated waterproof steel cabinet with illuminated display / ads boards, safety lock and enclosed filling room

  • Model:
    ROW series
  • Pure Water Output Capacity(25℃):
    200GPD / 300GPD / 400GPD / 600GPD / 800GPD / 1300GPD / 1600GPD / 3000GPD
  • Feed Water:
    municipal tap water(TDS≤1000mg/L)
  • Inlet Water Pressure:
  • Filling Rate:
    2L/min / 8~12L/min
  • Power:
  • RO Membrane:
    China Vontron / U.S. Hydranautics(optional)
  • Salt Rejection:
  • Recovery Rate:
  • Vending Station(s):
    1-4 stations
  • Vending Method:
    by flow rate
  • Charge:
    IC card / coin / bill(optional)
  • Coin / Bill Acceptor:
    Taiwan ICT / U.S. Pyramid(optional)
  • Applicable Place:
    community, village, school, bus/train station, etc.
  • Bottle size:
    ≤2L or ≤5gallon