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Sleeve shrink labeling

The sleeve shrink-seal labeling series of the labeling machine is to label the bottle on the mid-body part, shoulder part, full-body label and cap label application by using PVC or PET label.


The labeler system is composed of a Roll-fed label applicator, the centre sleeve label guiding pillar, and the label cutter assembly, while the bottle feeding system is composed of a bottle feeding worm, speed synchronizing belt, and the conveyor system, the controlling system of the equipment features a PLC controller, touch screen panel, imported servo motor, servo drive, frequency converter and transducer, and the positioning modular to make the label supply, the bottle feeding, the labeling application process fast, reliable, and accurate.


The labeling system is with a variety of production rate from 60bpm to 450bpm, the heating type of the shrink seal part is available for hot-water-steam shrinking tunnel and electrical heating tunnel with flexible choice.

  • All accessible cabinet of the equipment is made of stainless steel AISI304, which is waterproof as well as rustproof.
  • Adjustable cutter assembly, unique designed cyclotron cut-off, double sizes cutting edge with long service life.
  • Single positioning centre sleeve gilding pillar with POM material, which make steady and stable label delivery.
  • Feeding worm type bottle feeding, to ensure that the speed and frequency of the bottle feeding being synchronized.
  • Bottom set label brushing, to make sure the precision of the label positioning.
  • Unique designed label delivery drive train, which combines the photo-electric sensor system to give signal to the cutter system, ensures the stability of label cutting.
  • Independent roll-fed label shelf with quick change over feature.
  • Color touch screen control panel and button switch control, with user-friendly operating condition.
  • Suitable for all kinds of bottle shape, round, square, flat bottle and oval shape
  • Bottle labeling type:
    Heat-shrink type sleeve labeler
  • Labeling speed:
  • Bottle sizes:
  • Bottle diameter:
  • Label length:
  • Label thickness:
  • Label material:
  • Roll-fed label plate paper tube:
    5"-10" adjustable
  • Input power:
  • Dimension:
    2100 x 950 x 2000mm
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