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Roll-adhesive labeling

The automatic wrap around labeling system is equipped with variable speed adjustable high friction conveyor, features with stepper motor drive for label, automatic label head and conveyor belt synchronization, non-contact type photo eye sensor, suitable for different sixe of round bottle.


The wrap around labeling system adopts pressure sensitive labeling technique, with roll-fed label setting and bottle feed motor wit speed synchronization system, which ensures the bottle being labeled in a smooth and stable condition, suitable for glass bottle or round cylindered container, especially for wine, edible oil, and cosmetic bottles.


The system is with servo motor system, PLC controller and touch screen panel that offers to a stable and sound performance for the labeling.

  • One touch label detection and set up.
  • Labeling head speed automatically synchronized with conveyor belt speed.
  • Built-in touch screen operating manual.
  • Built-in touch screen troubleshooting guide.
  • Low or missing label detection with automatic stop system to prevent mislabeling.
  • Stable and smooth labeling effect.
  • Color touch screen control panel, easy for operation.
  • Can be operated independently, and can be connected to the complete production line.
  • Optional items for inkjet date printer and transparent detector.
  • Optional choice of supplying custom designed, high quality adhesive label.
  • Labeling type:
    Wrap around adhesive pressure sensitive labeling
  • Labeling speed:
  • Bottle shape:
    Round bottle
  • Bottle sizes:
  • Bottle diameter:
  • Label material:
    PVC, PET, Copper paper
  • Label precision:
  • Roll-fed label plate:
    ID=76mm, OD=380mm
  • Input power:
  • Dimension:
    2200 x 1100 x 1300mm
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