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Roll hot-melt labeling

The hot-melt glue labeling machine provides a wrap around glue labeling system to glue the two edges strip of label for the leading and the trailing edge of the label onto the bottles. The system has a rotary design with a precisely-operating label station which cuts the film and then uses hot-melt to glue them onto the containers. As far as the accuracy and speed and the efficiency are concerned, the hot-melt labeling is designed for large production rate from 10000 to 30000 bottles per hour bottled water or drink production line.


The label supply system ensures continuous label stream at stable speed and ensures that the labels are pulled straight from the label wheel for precisely cutting under the control of computer and servo motor system, the roller type hot-melt glue applying system gives best output for two strips of hot glue labeling process on the labeling station, well the bottle is with self-rotating status when the bottle is labeled.

  • Vertical label feeding with automatic cut-off and gluing process.
  • Micro-computer speed control for automatically adjust the labeling speed against the production rate.
  • With star-gear bottle inlet control to ensure the stability of bottle supply.
  • Main machine control system with frequency inverter controlled gear motor system.
  • Label supply controlled by the servo motor system, with automatic vacuum drum for label gluing.
  • Automatic torque strength control for the mechanical motivating system.
  • Label position could be adjustable.
  • Automatic temperature detection for hot-melt glue.
  • Automatic label supply detection.


  • Bottle labeling type:
    Hot-melt glue wrap around type bottle labeling by gluing the two edges of the label
  • Labeling speed:
    15000bph- 36000bph
  • Bottle sizes:
  • Bottle shape:
    Round bottle
  • Label material:
    OPP, BOPP, compund plastic
  • Bottle diameter:
  • Label height:
  • Roll-fed label plate paper tube:
    6" (152mm)
  • Compressed air requirement:
  • Power consumption:
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