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PET perform injection molder



Powerjet series injection molding machine is specially designed for PET perform for bottle stretch blowing purposes, a barrier screw in combination with an extended plasticizing cylinder is used in the powerjet series to improve the plasticizing speed and the injection weight, in the meantime to decrease the acetaldehyde (AA) content by controlling the dwell time of the melt in the plasticizing cylinder and the temperature control, to maintain the AA content in a low level, and the intrinsic viscosity (IV) being remain high.


The powerjet moulds are from renowned mould manufactures and are optimized for top perform quality with the shortest cycle times, hot-runner mould system with pneumatic needle shut-off guarantee optimum perform incision quality, regulation of the hot runner zones and as well as the monitoring of all mould movements are completely integrated into the machine control system.


Peripherals of the PET granular resin draying and loading system, mould chiller and the external connected output conveyors are specially chosen for powerjet series perform injection molding system, the drier guarantees that the resin material being completely dried to attain a good residual level of the raw material. And the chiller system ensures the perfect cooling feature on each cell of the mould system to improve the production rate.

  • Preform injection molding specialty screw system guarantees AA content and injection weight
  • Hot-runner injection mould guarantees perform quality
  • Compact modular design with easy connecting peripherals for quick installation
  • Central touch screen control system with clear perform injection status
  • Different models available with different production rate
  • Energy saving servo motor control system that saves you up to 30% power consumption
  • Specialized pressure holding system that improves production rate up to 25%.
  • Preform production rate:
  • Preform mold:
    12 cavities hot-runner
    16 cavities hot-runner
    32 cavities hot-runner
  • Preform mouth standard:
    28mm for CSD
    30mm for water bottle
  • Injection weight:
    from 380g to 3000g
  • Screw diameter:
  • Clamping force:
  • Screw type:
    Specially designed for PET preform
  • Power consumption:
  • Hydraulic pressure:
  • Motor power:
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