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Palletizing machinery

This middle speed case palletizer has the features for ultra-smooth product transit, perfect load positioning, and rapid product changeover, its low level construction offers the freedom of floor level operation and an open profile that ensures easy access, modular design of the creates inserting, product loading, layer deposit type palletizing and the conveying system ensures the flexibility of operating and palletizing requirement for today for the future.


The case palletizer automatically place the plastic or wooden create into the product layer depositing position after it’s indexed and before the first layer of the product is loaded, the create will be acting like a pad between the pallet and the cases, and maintaining the maximum integrity of the case graphics as it eliminates case scuffing during loading and transport, the system is automatic, pre-programmed to place the sheet to the position and to load the product as indexed. The sheet is lifted from the top of the stacks by a group of the pneumatic grippers, and the grippers ensure stable and smooth transporting of the cases.

  • Economical floor level palletizing with competitive price
  • Designed for your current palletizing need and for the future
  • Touch screen operator panel provides you fully automatic operating convenience
  • Pre-programmed product feed and orientation for smooth palletizing
  • Features to ensure efficient transit
  • World famous brand electrical and components ensure stability of the sound performance
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel frame construction
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Palletizing speed:
    1000-1200 cases/hr
  • Layers of packing:
    5-7 layers for bottled drink
  • Application cases:
    PE film wrapped package, carton box
  • Palletizing pattern:
    As per customer requirement
  • Plate type:
    Plastic or wooden case
  • Maximum plate dimension:
    1100 x 1100 x 150mm
  • Pressure requirement:
  • Air consumption:
  • Power:
    AC380V 50Hz 12Kw
  • Noise:
    Below 85db
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