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Carton packaging machinery

The bottle gripping type case packer is designed to put the bottles into carton box in group of 3 x4, or 4 x 6 bottles per box, the case packer will be connected to the bottle inlet group-sorting conveyor, case erector for the cardboard case forming and conveying, and to connect the case sealer at the output part to fulfill the complete case packing process.


The system uses the advanced PLC control system plus servo motor system for the accurate bottle and carton box positioning and gripping filling process, the speed control and the pneumatic control is equipped with the most reliable brand of the photo sensor and limit sensor and signal relay system, a 5.7” touch screen control system will be equipped for the friendly operating basis.


The case packing system can separate the bottles into group automatically, and make the carton box ready for fill with smooth operating function; it’s the best choice for bottled juice, wine, oil and other bottling line.

  • Modular design with bottle sorting conveyor, case erector and carton box conveying, gripper type filling, and adhesive glue sealer
  • Complete case forming filling sealing line with low investment cost
  • High productivity case packer with trustworthy packaging technology
  • PLC and servo controlled system with stable function and good performance
  • Pneumatic controlled bottle gripper filling system
  • Easy operating and low maintenance
  • Quick format change over for bottle shape change
  • Packing rate:
    15-20 cases per minute
  • Packing choice:
    2 x 3, 3 x 4, 4,x 4, 4x 5, 4x 6 packs
  • Packing material:
    Carton box
  • Case sealing type:
    Rolling tape sealing
  • Air consumption:
  • Working pressure:
  • Gripping pressure:
  • Power:
    AC380V 50Hz 3.75Kw
  • Dimension:
    1800 x 830 x 1180mm
  • Working noise:
    Below 80db
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