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CIJ Inkjet Date Printer

GINKJET-S5 is a small character continuous ink jet (CIJ) printer aiming for low-medium speed production lines, which has been widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, electronic, tobacco industries.


Its full stainless steel housing with IP55 protection ratings ensures that it is capable of working in highly humid environments, and the patented dual nozzle blocking prevention design and the falling ball viscometer inspection system keeps S5 in constant perfect print. The WYSIWYG edition interface could easily guide the operator through.       


Typical CIJ INKJET Date Printer Illustration:


  • Clear white backlit LCD screen with integrated help and navigation system which guides the operator through easily
  • Save cost by patented ink supply and recycling system with ultra low solvent consumption
  • Fully stainless steel structure with IP55 water-proof ensures reliable and long-term running
  • Optimized compact structure for space-saving
  • Reliable falling ball viscometer inspection system keep S5 in constant perfect print quality from temperature variation or on/off time
  • Patented dual nozzle blocking prevention design:

             A. Automatic circulation and cleaning with preset individual nozzle cleaning program.

             B. Nozzle can be disassembled from print head and washed in supersonic cleaner, which completely solve blocking problem.

  • Model:
  • Lines of print:
    Up to 3 lines(up to 10 messages storage)
  • Print matrix:
    Letter & number: 8×8dots, 8×16dots, 16×16dots
    Chinese: 16×16dots
    image: 24×24dots
  • Print content:
    Best before dates, logos, alphanumeric text, etc.
  • Speed:
    2m/s (8×8dots, 5mm font width, will slow down for smaller font)
  • Font height:
    1.5~15mm adjustable
  • Print distance:
    max 30mm
  • Applicable substrate:
    Metal, plastic, glass, wood, pipe, paper etc.
  • Print ways:
    Automatic and photocell control with synchronizer support
  • Working Temperature:
    5℃-45℃ depending on ink used, max 90% humidity
  • Ink type:
    Quick-drying in black, blue, red, yellow, and invisible
  • Connectivity:
  • Display:
    White backlit 240×128dots LCD
  • Language:
    English, Chinese, numbers
  • Accessories:
    Photocell, stainless steel stand, 2.5m corrosion-resistant cable for print head