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Markem-Imaje SL110i Laser Coder

Laser date coding system for high speed bottling line

The compact Markem-Imaje Smartlase 110i CO2 flying laser coder delivers permanent and basic product coding ( text and variable data). This 10 Watt version is the ideal solution for 1 to 3-line applications with stable performance.

The patented and proven dot matrix technology enables outstanding print speed in its category for a wide variety of lot and date code applications in the food, beverage and personal care industries. it's widely applied for the turnkey bottling plant with speed from 15000bph up to 36000bph.

Up till now, there have been over 7000 successful cases of Smartlase laser marker application globally, with typical customers in beverage industry like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Haagen-Dazs, Unilever. The laser date coding for the bottled water or bottled beverage industry is a smart choice of enviromentally friendly solution that causing no additional cost and less maintenance than using inkjet printing, the laser date coding system will be an ideal choice for the long run for your bottling line.

  • Performance - Dot matrix technology enables high print contrast and output rates up to 650 products/min
  • Application - on a wide variety of materials including chipboard cartons, plastic and glass.
  • Ability - to print codes up to 1 meter in length.
  • Uptime - Patented dot matrix technology for optimal laser performance,
  • Cost - increased laser source reliability and reduced operating costs.  
  • Flexibility - Small size and compact configuration.
  • Installation - Easy and safe installation on almost any production line with little modification to existing processes.
  • Optional - SmartLase® 110si IP56 and a 9.3µm laser wave length available for more demanding industrial applications.
  • Simplicity - Ergonomic hand-held interface featuring simple, easy-to-understand icons. User-friendly programming to minimize operator training and reduce errors
  • Model:
    SL110i / SL110si
  • Print area:
    51mm × 80mm max(H×W,standard focal length 127mm)
  • Print lines:
    Unlimited within physical print area(dependent on character size print area)
  • Line speed:
    Up to 90m/min
  • Character size:
    Adjustable from 0.5mm to 51mm max.
  • Character format:
    Mixed matrix capability up to 255x255 spots
  • Printable content:
    Alphanumeric, graphics and symbol
  • Image orientation:
    0°- 360°
  • Laser type:
    10Watt, air-cooled RF excited CO2 Laser / 30Watt (SL130i) available for high speed production line, optional
  • Wave length:
    standard 10.6μm especially designed for PET substrate application / 9.3μm with sub-micron fume extractor, optional
  • Display type:
    QVGA backlit graphics display
  • Operating Temperature:
    41°F – 105°F (5°C – 40°C)
  • Input power:
    100–120 VAC, 60Hz or 200–240 VAC, 50 Hz,225Watts max
  • Protection rating:
    IP20 standard / IP56 fully stainless steel cabinet for extreme application, optional
  • Accessories:
    Alluminum alloy stand, photocell, Smartlase software, synchroinzer, regulated power supply, tool box
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