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Table-top product conveyor



The automatic product conveyor is the conveyor to transport the bottled drink from the filling machine to the labeling machine, and to the secondary packaging machine of the shrink wrap or carton filling system. The design principle of the product conveyor should be consider the workshop length and the material logistics control, the upper stream of the product conveyor to the lower stream product conveyor should be considering the speed synchronization, and the packaging material changeover time for the product accumulating and buffering. The product conveyor is divided into the following parts of the conveyor system:


  • Table-top product conveyor: single line product conveyor equipped with speed motor drive and photo sensor device, to transport product bottle with smooth and fast speed.
  • Accumulation tables: for space saving and bottle buffering need, could be made for manual type and automatic type, automatic type is equipped with motor drive, bottles entering into the accumulating table will be in a first-in, first-out order, to avoid bottle neck congestion on upstream and downstream bottles, in the meantime, saves up to 30% of the space in the workshop than extended conveyor.
  • Secondary packaging conveyor: secondary conveyor mainly involves single into switch to multiple line, and multiple line to single line with speed variation control, length design will depend on the minimum packaging speed of the production line.
  • Pallet conveyor: Roller conveyor with and without drive motor is available according to packaging speed and workshop layout.
  • Fast and easy bottle format change due to user friendly side support with preset control
  • User friendly for daily use as well as maintenance
  • Sustainable with high efficiency motor drive
  • Bottom water collecting tray for dry lubrication and for hygienic request for bottled drink production
  • Robust and reliable
  • Flexible choice of the turning point to fit the workshop layout
  • Construction material:
    Stainless steel AISI304
  • Conveyor plate:
    PVC plate
  • Guiding plate:
    Nylon rail
  • Quick format change:
  • Single roll 90 degree turning:
  • Minimum buffering table length:
    4 meters
  • Gear motor:
    China brand
  • Inverter:
  • Touch screen control:
    Mitsubishi, Proface
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