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Air conveyor



Air conveyor is the conveyor to transport the empty plastic bottle by neck-clamping-rail under the filtered air blowing pressure through the air conveyor tunnel; air conveyor is the main part either to connect the inlet of the automatic bottling machine, or to connect the fully automatic bottle blower to the filling machine directly.


Air conveyor is an integrated automatic conveying system with PLC control system; the system is composed of air filter, wind blower motor, air tunnel, AST neck-clamp bar, photo sensor, frequency inverter, low pressure electrical component and the independent electrical control. The detailed function and application of the air conveyor could be divided by the following parts in the air conveying system:


  • Turning conveyor:30 degree turning and 90 degree turning conveyor available.
  • “Y” shape merging conveyor:to merge two air conveyor into one single air conveyor.
  • 8 degree up/down slope conveyor:to climbing up or going down.
  • Bottle buffering clamp:to accumulate bottle and release it till the empty bottle is enough in row to avoid any single bottle being transported in a bullet-speed
  • Bad bottle eliminating chute:to get rid of the problem bottle out of the air conveyor system, or to accumulate over-produced empty bottle out of the air conveyor.
  • Semi-auto bottle loading point:to load the over-produced bottle with semi-auto bottle unscramble by the “Y” shape connector to the main conveyor stream.
  • Comprehensive design considering all empty bottle transporting conditions from the upper air conveyor stream and down-side air conveyor stream
  • Quick and easy bottle format changeover due to special neck-rail and body-rail design
  • Wide range of designing curves and turnings fit to your workshop layout
  • World famous brand electrical and components ensure stability of the sound performance
  • Independent control system match the bottling and blow molding equipment
  • Hygienic 3 stage air filtration for different bottling application and cost effective
  • Air output speed:
    Pressure controlled
  • Air filtration standard:
    Initial filtration: 0.06 micron
    Middle filtration: 0.04 micron
    Advanced filtration: 0.02 micron
  • Air blower fan:
  • Bottle dispensing:
    80-120 bottles per meter
  • Conveyor height:
  • Construction material:
    AISI SS304
  • Wind plate:
    Fiber glass
  • Control system:
    Independant PLC control
  • Bad bottle eliminating port:
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