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Hot-fill juice bottling machine

Hot-fill bottling machinery is designed for filling juice, flavored tea drink that requires the bottle to be fully filled onto the maximum level so to make sure that the bottled drink being reserved for a longer shelf-life and doesn’t being oxygenized. Genesis hot-fill series filling machine is designed to fill the liquid with a filling temperature ranging from 65 to 95 cent-degree according to different type of drink.


The liquid being filled into the bottles will be through the UHT instant pasteurization system to be kept a certain temperature between 85 t0 95 cent-degree before filling, the specially made hot-fill valve and the filling machine liquid tank has the automatic backflow control to the UHT system for the temperature recovery during the filling shift change or interruption. The volume metric metering filling insures the bottle to be fully filled before the capping process. The C.I.P. clean in place system could be connected to the cleaning point for the tank and filling valve cleaning on purpose.


Genesis hot-fill series bottling machine has 3-IN-1 and 4-IN-1 model for flexible choice with different filling rate and with sound performance.


  • Rinse, fill and cap the bottle automatically with infinite speed adjust.
  • 65-85 cent-degree hot filling valve
  • High quality stainless steel pumps with totally enclosed fan cooled motors.
  • Emergency stop and other safety features provide unparallel operator safety.
  • Cap holding bin with rotational cap feeding system for 28/30mm flat caps,
  • Automatic turnover the reversed caps.
  • Complete air conveyor and bottled conveyor solution.
  • Bottling rate:
  • Bottle sizes:
    0.5-1.5lt heat resistant bottle
  • Bottle diameter:
  • Bottle height:
  • Type of filling :
    65-85 degree hot filling
  • Washing pressure:
  • Power supply:
    AC380V 50Hz 3ph
  • Compressed air pressure:
  • Air consumption:
  • Operating pressure:
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