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Monoblock Water/Oil bottling machine (5L)



This is a fully automatic inline filling machine for bottled water plants is specially designed for filling 5-10L PET bottles, optional choice could be made for filling 5L edible oil by changing the type of the filling valve, the system for water botlting plant include rotary rinsing, filling, and capping of bottles are integrated in one, fully automatic synchronized machine.


This equipment is manufactured in an ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility to ensure the highest standards in the industry are met. Critical electronic components and PLC are made by Mitsubishi and Omron. Pneumatic controls are made by respected companies in Italy or Japan. All bottle contact parts are made of food grade stainless steel or food grade plastic.


All production information and automation controls are displayed digitally. Automatic control and manual toggle adjustments are made on a PLC controlled touch-screen panel. The bottles are clamped at the neck and suspended for smooth operation even with light weight PET bottles. Empty bottles are rinsed on the inside, and turned over 180 degrees prior to being filled.

  • Monoblock sturtcure with integrated rinsing/filling/capping process for 5L bottle
  • Rotary type rinsing machine with jet-nozzle high pressure washing
  • Rotary type filling machine with level controled volumetric filling
  • Automatic caps feeding with air blowing with level control
  • Automatic inline caps sterilization and rinsing system
  • Magnetic torque capping chuck with adjustable capping strength
  • Fully automatic touch screen control panel
  • Model:
  • Filling capacity:
    2500-3000bph for 5L bottle
  • Bottle size:
    1 gallon
  • Type of filling:
    Normal presusre filling
  • Bottle mouth standard:
  • Bottle diameter:
  • bottle height:
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