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Basic 60-500BPH filling machine

Automatic 5 gallon filling machine is designed for 5 gallon polycarbonate bottle, which could be washed and refill for multiple times of refilling, the automatic washing filling capping machine will take the empty bottle into the washing part with bottom up for the inside washing and cleaning, the washing cycle could be divided by hot chemical wash, drainage, clean water wash, and treated water wash, washing time could be adjusted.


The filling system is controlled by the PLC timing, and could be refined either by manually adjusting the filling valve, or by tuning the filling time, the filling will be volume-metric measured with accurate filling, no wasted water will be spill out of the filling nozzles.


For the capping, cleaned caps will go through the rotational cap bin to the capping head via the caps tunnel, which the capping process will be pneumatically controlled by the piston cylinder, the filed bottle will be transferred to the caps position and catch the caps; the capping head will be pressing the caps to fit it. Caps sterilization could be through the UV and Ozone sterilizing cabinet, and the optional caps sleeve label shrink tunnel and conveyor will be put at the end of the production line.

  • Automatic wash/fill/cap 60 - 300 bottles per hour based on 5 gallon bottle.
  • Wash with hot water chemical, has its own integral water heating system with digital temperature display and thermostat.
  • High quality stainless steel pump with totally fan cooled motor.
  • Handy emergency stop switch for un-parralleled safety.
  • State of the art PLC control system.
  • Fully adjustable 0.1 sec adjustment increments.
  • Quick change over from 5 gallon to 3 gallon.
  • Cap holding bin with rotational feed and air ram capping.
  • Sealed entrance and exit provides enclosed filling area.
  • The system comes complete with filling pump, only requires connecting it to the water tank.
  • Water bottling rate:
  • Bottle size:
    3 gallon: 230x420x56mm
    5 gallon: 270x490x56mm
  • Caps size:
  • Working pressure:
  • Power supply:
    AC220/380V 50Hz 3ph
  • First stage rinsing:
    Alkaline water rinse
  • Second stage rinsing:
    Clean water rinse
  • Third stage rinse:
    Liquid ClO2 water rinse
  • Fourth stage rinse:
    Clean water rinse
  • Final rinse:
    Treated water rinse