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Deluxe 600-1800BPH filling machine

The deluxe series of the 5 gallon bottling system adopts multiple stages of inner bottle washing for a stages of detergent wash, recirculated wash, ozone sanitize wash and final wash process from 11 stages up to 16 stages include drainage processing, flexible choice of the washing solution and auxiliary equipment of the automatic dec-capper (caps puller), brush washer, bottle loader, caps dosing system, and caps sleeve labeling, post external bag packing solution by using the bottled water lifting device and the palletizer system have been adopted into the production line.


Typical water bottling line for 900BPH could be either in a linear structure, also could be a popular “U” turn structure for the production equipment layout depending on the clients’ workshop dimension, we are presenting the most popular linear type proposal as above layout, for the “U” turn type layout, the cost will not be increasing.


Basic system includes:

  • Automatic caps puller
  • Automatic brush pre-washer
  • Automatic bottle rinser
  • Automatic bottle filling and capping machine
  • Automatic caps dosing and cleaner
  • Automatic caps sleeve label shrinker
  • Automatic bottled water puller for external bags packing
  • Automatic caps puller
  • 4 wide to 8 wide automatic bottle loader
  • 14 to 16 long multiple stages of inner bottle rinsing with alkaline wash, detergent wash, cleaning wash and final wash process.
  • Adaptable choice for 3 and 5 gallon two bottle sizes
  • PLC controlled bottle rinsing with accurate timing.
  • Liquid tanks with easy-to-entrance operator man-hole.
  • Automatic rotary type bottle brush washer
  • 4 to 6 filling nozzles of level controlled filling valve for linear structure, 8-12 filling vales for rotary structure
  • Inline caps dosing and cleaning machine
  • Heavy duty bottled water stainless steel AISI304 conveyor system
  • Bottling rate:
  • Bottle size:
    3 gallon: 230x420x56mm
    5 gallon: 270x490x56mm
  • Caps size:
  • Working pressure:
  • Power supply:
    AC380V 50Hz 3ph
  • Pre-rinse cycle:
    Heated alkaline water
  • Second stage wash cycle:
    Clean water wash
  • Disinfection wash cycle:
    Liquid ClO2 wash
  • 4th stage wash cycle:
    Clean water wash
  • Final wash cycle:
    Product water wash
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