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Semi-automatic blower

Semi-auto PET bottle stretch blow molding machine is designed for small capacity bottle blowing rate for a start-up business of the bottle production and the bottling plant. The system uses independent control system for perform heating oven, and semi-auto PET bottle blowing process by manually heated perform loading before the automatic bottle stretch blow molding process.


The perform heating oven is with variable temperature setting for different layers of the heating lamp, with air circulating function for with self-rotary perform seats carrying the performs in the perform transporting chain. The bottle stretch blow molding system is equipped with pneumatic controlled mold lock and stretch blowing system by using high pressure compressed air under the PLC control system. 2 cavities bottle shell mold could be easily being replaced for switching bottle format.


Complete sets of the bottle blower includes perform heating oven, bottle blowing unit, high pressure compressor and the air filter cleaner system for the semi-auto system.

  • Simple structure and operating system easy to learn to operate and maintenance
  • Bottle blowing system with safety control system that protecting the operator in a safe way  
  • Stable bottle output with high bottle production ratio
  • Quick bottle mold replacement
  • World famous brand electrical and components makes less maintenance trouble
  • 1 person that can handle the perform heating and bottle blowing process
  • Bottle production rate:
    800pcs/hr for 1 set of blower
    1600pcs/hr for twin blower
    Against bottle size of 0.5L water bottle
  • Application bottle size:
  • HP air pressure requirement:
  • LP air pressure requiremnt:
  • Power consumption:
    17.5Kw for single and twin blower
  • Electrical supply:
    AC380V 50Hz 3ph
  • Clamping stroke:
  • Clamping force:
  • Maximum mold thickness:
  • Space between tie bars:
    350 x 380mm
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