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Fully automatic blow molder

Pneumatic motivating type automatic PET bottle stretch blow molding machine features an automatic perform hopper loader system and the bottle blow molding system, with automatic pneumatic control for the perform feeding, perform seats transporting, mold opening and close, stretch blow molding, and bottle discharge system under fully automatic control of the PLC system.


The bottle blowing system for the basic series of pneumatic controlled system are designed for the bottle blowing rate from 1000-2000pcs/hr on 2 cavities bottle mold and 2000-4000pcs/hr on 4 cavities bottle mold, which is a cost-efficient PET bottle production plant with complete set of high pressure air compressor, low pressure air compressor, air filter cleaner, mold chiller and complete set of the shell molds for bottles ranging from 350ml to 2L.


The operating of the system will be through a touch screen control panel for the temperature setting, and the blow molding process, with manual testing mode and fully automatic running mode with easy understanding interface.

  • Fully pneumatic control system for perform transporting and blow molding system
  • Point-to-point light indicator for each pneumatic control part on the touch screen panel for better monitoring and operating
  • Unique design for the high pressure and low pressure distribution
  • Stable bottle product output
  • World famous brand electrical and components makes less maintenance trouble
  • Fully automatic line that 1 person can operate
  • Quick bottle mold replacement
  • Bottle production rate:
    4000pcs/hr for 4 cavities mold
    2000pcs/hr for 2 cavities mold
    Against bottle size of 0.5L
  • Application bottle size:
    0.3-2lt PET bottle
  • HP air pressure requirement:
  • LP air pressure requiremnt:
  • Power consumption:
    49Kw (4 cavities mold)
    25Kw (2 cavities mold)
  • Electrical supply:
    AC380V 50Hz 3ph
  • Clamping stroke:
  • Clamping force:
    94Kn for 2 cavities
    180Kn for 4 cavities
  • Maximum thickness:
  • Space between tie bars:
    260 x 240mm for 2 cavities
    510 x 240mm for 4 cavities
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