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All-electric bottle blower

Fully-electric or All-electric PET bottle stretch blow molding concept is originally from Italy, and the machinery was put into production in Taiwan and becomes the benchmark of the bottle blowing industry for a high speed bottle blow molding system today. Genesis provides 6 to 9 cavities full-electric bottle blowing machine with a general production rate of 9000-12000pcs/hr.


The fully-electric bottle blower system is equipped with high efficiency perform feeding system with perform detecting function to get rid of the failure perform out of the system, and the perform heating system is with automatic temperature detecting system to make sure every unit of the heated perform is with even temperature control, the perform transporting and the mold clamping locking system is with fully servo motor control system with a fast and stable performance.


Full-electric bottle blow molding system is designed with energy saving features from the perform heating and for the blowing, the high pressure air recirculation system makes the machine no need extra low pressure air compressor system, which eventually saves great energy for the air consumption.

  • Fast speed of PET bottle output that can complete with rotary type bottle blower
  • Stable qualified bottle output being directly connected to the air conveyor for the filling line
  • Fully servo motor controlled perform transporting chain and the mold clamping and lock system
  • Energy saving for power consumption
  • Low friction for the mechanical part that requires low maintenance cost
  • Fast bottle format replacement with linear design convenience
  • Precise and stable bottle output, low noise when blowing bottles, good for environmental protection
  • Bottle production rate:
  • Application bottle size:
  • HP air pressure requirement:
  • LP air pressure requiremnt:
  • Power consumption:
  • Electrical supply:
    AC380V 50Hz 3ph
  • Mold cavity:
    9 cavities
  • Dimension of the blower:
    5350 x 2150 x 2100mm
  • Dimension of the preform elevator:
    2500 x 1627 x 2600mm
  • Total weight:
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