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High speed rotary blow molder

Rotary bottle blower is designed for high speed PET bottle stretch blow molding solution for a fast speed production and stable quality requirement of all type of filling application, also for a lower production cost of bottles from the perform selection, bottle design, mold manufacturing and production and delivery.


Renewed technology and efforts has been put into the rotary bottle blowing system with a compact design for perform infeed and electrical and mechanical interface for the heating oven to improves the heating rate, a 12% of the production rate has been improved for a single mold of 1800b/h/m, the rotary blower is equipped with easy accessible heating oven and blowing station for maintenance and for bottle format changeovers, with integrating peripheral equipment connection for installation, and with user-friendly operating interface.


Bottle qualities has not been sacrificed with high speed due to our particular performs detecting and eliminating system and the heating process, also due to our great effort for a improved bottle design and mold manufacturing to adapt the perform, the bottle and the mold into the machinery production process. With our extensive know-how of the bottle blowing industry, we will supply you the most suitable turnkey PET bottle production lines with a limited cost.

  • Improved design for the perform feeding and detecting system and heating oven that insures fast speed and heating quality
  • Blowing station, spindle chain of the perform transporting, transfer arm design for perform and bottle handling, air rotary union and interface free components ensure secure production
  • Different bottle shapes with fast output rate with professional perform selection, bottle design and mold manufacturing bases
  • World famous brand electrical and components makes less maintenance trouble
  • Fully automatic line that operated in a highly sealed block with safety concern
  • Hygienic production process
  • Bottle production rate:
    (from 9 to 16 cavities bottle mold)
  • Application bottle size:
  • HP air pressure requirement:
  • LP air pressure requiremnt:
  • Average power consumption:
  • Loading power:
  • Electrical supply:
    AC380V 50Hz 3ph
  • Dimension of the blower:
    3000 x 2500 x 3300mm
  • Dimension of the preform heater:
    3900 x 1200 x 1920mm
  • Total weight:
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