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Raw Material Match-making


Based on the conract-manufacturing principle, raw material selection and tailored equipment proposal always affect each other closely, Genesis choose the right combination of the proper equipment and the raw material from the designing stage to the production to make the utmost concern for your bottling line, Genesis offers a compact package to guide you to select the suitable type of raw material to meet the equipment requirement, on the other hand, to give you a better creteria for the quality control for each type of the raw material being used for the production.


Genesis has a wide range of equipment with different production rate, its relevant raw material reuirment is totally different, Genesis will provide you a comprehensive package to select the right type of raw material with its own standard with professional suggestion and guarantee that under the raw material selection principle that Genesis provide, your equipment will be have a outstanding performance.


Genesis has been involving the raw material supply based on its years of turnkey bottling experience, we have reliable sources and supply-chain from different raw material manufacturers and we have been keeping a very close relationship in the industry with better pricing and better quality control, Genesis provides professional raw material supply suggestions and raw material package as following:


  • Caps: for water bottle, CSD and juice and edible oil bottle, 5 gallon bottle caps
  • Water and CSD PET preform: preform from hot-runner mold
  • Heat-resistant preform: Special made PET preform for juice bottling purpose
  • Labels: PVC label, PET label, OPP label in roll-fed format for sleeve shrin-seal and hot-melt label
  • Adhesive label: pressure sensitive adhesive label with designning suggestion and budget control
  • PE shrink-wrap film: tailored PE film suitable to your packaging means to fit your bottle size.