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Project Feasibility Study


No matter you are completely new or sophisticated to the water treatment and bottling industry, Genesis will open you a brand-new concept of tuenkey bottling solution, Genesis ofers a complete range of consulting service to give you a tailred proposal which is feasible for your investment and for future profiting, every of the project should have its own creteria in the industry and Genesis is fully competent to lead you to the right move and to make you have a better start.


A feasibility study of the turnkey bottling plant will make you more familiar with the procedure of the water treatment, necessary equipment of complete line of the production, right material to be involved with the production, and most importtantly, a project that suitable for your invest which is completely feasible of put into production, Geiesis will be give you comprehensive knowledge and investment package with thoughtful comparation to make you get a better understanding of the project and to avoid you going to the wrong move.


Genesis provides detailed guidling and proposals as well as live bottling factory visiting to indicate what is necessary and what should be ready to be prepared foto start the bottling business. A fully feasible water treatment or bottling proposal will be finally provided on "Win-Win" basis, and Genesis makes sure that your bottling project generates great fortune for you. A complete range of the feasibility study includes:


  • Water condition analysis 
  • Bottling feasibility analysis
  • Equipment line engineering analysis and comparation
  • Raw material selection and analysis
  • Conveyor automation engineering
  • Simultaneous requirement for basic facilities