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Line Engineering


Line engineering here refers to the bottling line engineering concerning the production rate match-making to synchronize the production line from equipment to another, take bottle stetch blow molding machine and monobok-filling machine machine for example, the PET bottle blow molding production rate is never meet the requirement of the filling or always being smaller production rate than the filling, then we need to select two sets of the bottle blow molding machine or to use PET bottle unscrambler or extended air conveyor for the speed ajdustment, and never sacrifice the speed of the bottling.


When come to terms of the raw material supply and exchange, there is the basic element for the line engineering is to consider the time consumption for the label exchange, PE film setting, or emergency stop of the production line from the upper production for the conveyor traffic control, on the other hand, the conveyor automation plays a very very important role from the bottle blow molding to the final packaging machinery and Genesis will be your right choice that is fully competent for your designning need with rich line engineering experience.


Genesis also have great experience in clean-room and lab equipment request for the water treatment and bottling industry, and Genesis will be your first choice for the fully automated and feasible line engineering company with the following advantages:


  • Air conveyor engineering
  • Table-top product conveyor engineering
  • Buffering conveyor engineering for space concern.
  • Secondary packaging conveyor engineering
  • Conveyor system monitoring and control
  • Equipment production rate match-making
  • Synchronized control system for the turnkey production line