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Equipment Commissioning


A detailed installation contract indicating seller and buyer's obligation and detailed installation and training programme will be listed on the contract, while the buyer shall take the charge for the related visas application, insurance, air tickets and traveling fee plus the installation charge, the seller shall notify the buyer and send the buyer the notification and training document previously before the the instllation work start, Genesis not only provides simple instllation but also provides the sheer training programme in documentation format and with live training, for abroad instalation, a well-trained engineer will be coming with the installation team for the training.


Genesis provides basic training and arrange goods inspection before shipment, the basic training will be planed for the basic equipment and the training will take place in seller's factory, comprehensive knowhow of the operating and maintenance will be taought to the buyer's engineer or operator with a minimum 2 to 3 days study at seller's factory. Genesis has well-connected sources globally for multi-national technical help and instalation support, for countries in Africa, Middle east, South America, we have well connected engineer who is ready to fullfill your installation request at any time without having any delay or waiting.


Comprehensive equipment installation and commissioning service will be provided by Genesis with rich field experience, our basic installation and commissioning service includes the following:


  • Small-scale equipment spot training at seller's factory
  • Before-shipment goods inspection
  • Installation guide and English manual portfolio
  • Live installation and operating training at the buyer's workshop
  • Supervising and training service at buyer's factory
  • Line operating and maintenance guide for live operating