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Hot to build a bottling plant


There are different types of bottling with wide range of filling rate and with many methods of labeling and packaging means; to select the most suitable bottling plants is not simple, because there are so many other considerations to be made. Genesis provides precise answers to all of your questions on bottling plant building, you will be given the best possible support that makes you feel satisfied and get successful。

5 steps Genesis will work on your bottling plant:

  • Step 1: Tell us your purpose of build the bottling plant.
  • Step 2: Market research, find potential needs.
  • Step 3: Financial analysis and budget
  • Step 4: Recommend you the most suitable machinery
  • Step 5: Install and operate the machinery, produce profits.


To assist the customer or our dealing agent in selection and design, the buyer should make available as much information as possible regarding local costs and site conditions, the following lists the more important considerations:


  • Production capacity (how many tons of water is required in 24 hours)
  • Preferred type of bottle sizes, the caps and the weight of performs to be put into consideration for bottle production
  • Preferred type of label material and packaging means, the storage place and condition for label and raw material
  • Tested water report against water to be treated (Ground water, tap water, river water etc.)
  • Site dimension and drawings to be provided for plant designing
  • Information on electricity supply on voltage, cycles, phase, maximum installed power will be offered
  • Raw water supply and compressed air restrictions and cooling requirement
  • Cost of shipping, local labor cost, capital cost for both machinery and raw material