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Business Scope


Water Treatment System: Tailored water treatment products against specific water condition and ambient environment include:

  • Ultrafiltration– beverage (mineral/spring water), drinking water, reclaimed water, pre-treatment for RO
  • Nanofiltration– beverage, drinking water, sewage water, chemical concentration
  • Reverse Osmosis – beverage, drinking water, pharmaceuticals, boiler water, brackish water, sewage water, electronics
  • Ultrapure (EDI)– power generation (boiler feed and NOx control), semiconductors, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, laboratory
  • Automatic Water Vending Machine– dormitory, building, community, convenient store


Complete Bottling & Packaging Lines: Genesis is engaged in the R&D, designing, manufacture, and selling complete bottling and packaging lines for mineral / spring / pure water, juice, and non-alcoholic soft drinks strictly according to customers’ demand and requirements, which can be divided as the following:

  • 3000~34000BPH small bottle pure / mineral / spring / flavored / vitamin water bottling and packaging line (0.3~2L / 10~70oz)
  • 400~2000BPH linear water / edible oil filling and packaging line (4-10L)
  • 30~1800BPH large bottle pure / mineral / spring / flavored / vitamin water bottling line (3~6gallon / 11.4~22.4L)
  • 4000~34000BPH small bottle juice bottling and packaging line (0.3~2L / 10~70oz)
  • 4000~34000BPH small bottle carbonated drink bottling and packaging line (0.3~2L / 10~70oz) Pouch


Turnkey Solutions & Miscellaneous: Genesis, with the strong technical back-up from our skilled and experienced engineers and technicians, is capable to provide turnkey project solution includes:

  • Complete top quality filling and packaging lines from A-Z.
  • Engineering service – factory planning (factory layout, plumbing, powering, HVAC design, etc.), installation, and onsite training.
  • Designing service – bottle design, label design, PE film/carton design, etc.
  • Guides for conformity to local regulations, factory running and product marketing.
  • All kinds of consumables covering preforms, caps, labels, PE films, etc.